LED Downlights In home

LED Downlights In home

As the development of people’s life, the demand for the living environment is higher and higher. More and more attention has been paid , for the lighting at home has become an important part in the decoration of the home environment. Excellent lighting can render the characteristics of the design of living environment, build warm atmosphere for our life. In small-sized house, living room is used as daily activity place, also a guests room. Besides basic lighting, partial lighting is needed. Such as desk lamp, wall lamp or floor arch lamp. These lights can enrich artistic atmosphere with its unique lighting method, beside as lighting devices for various activities.

Generally speaking, living room for 12 to 20 square should install one basic lighting and 2-3 partial lighting devices. The luminance at desktop or working face should be no less than 150lux. It is ideal to adopt soft  half direct light as the lighting device in the living room.The average luminance is about 100lux. Voltage of lighting devices for reading or writing reaches 200lux. For watching TV, to make the light dimmer in the whole room, we can switch off all lights because of the protection of eyes. So the TV background wall reaches 30lux and the surrounded environment reaches 3lux.

Current situation:
We mainly install halogen lamp series, incandescent lamp, T8/T5 tube, spiral shaped energy saving lamps. Take halogen lamp series, metal halogen lamp,for example, these light devices can transform electricity power into heat power, and only small part into light power. That’s to say most electricity power has been wasted. So we have to lower the temperature of air conditioner, indirectly increase electricity cost. The phosphor in traditional fluorescent lamp contains poisonous substances such as mercury, arsenic and so on.

Advantages of LED light devices:
LED is a new generation of diode lighting, the main advantage is the high efficiency of electricity and light transformation. So the enery-saving effect is obvious. For example: 15W LED tube can replacement 40W fluorescent tube without poison and ultraviolet ray. 4W LED spotlight can replacement 35W halogen lamp, 18W ceiling light can replacement 70W halogen lamp. Besides, LED belongs to diode lighting with low heat dissipation. The surface temperature of all our light devices wll be less than 60 degree at working state while the incandescent lamp or halogen lamp will reach 180degree at the same state.

Features of lighting in different places at home
In traditional design of lighting at home, corridors are usually ignored. Besides regular lighting, it is the place which embodies the grade of lighting at home. Corridors is the only road to the sitting room. The lighting should be with enough brightness but to avoid dazzling. Because the limited space, we can adopt embedded small-sized downlight with homogeneous distribution. equipped with high color render and soft light. Such as spotlight LED MR16 series, with high brightness and low voltage, embedded LED ceiling light can reach the effect: bright light without seeing the lamp. If install a mirror at the entrance, noticing that the lamp before mirror should use light transmittance glass cover, not plastic ones, equipping with soft, high color rendering light source.

Lighting devices suggested
1 3W LED downlight lights, 35 LED downlight lights, 7W LED downlight lights Warm white or LED Flexible strips.
2 Sitting Room: It is the core part of the house. The gathering place for Family memebers, reading, Sitting room also embodies living culture: art object, wall hanging, exquisite tea table, good quality sofa...all needs nice lighting devices to decorate. if you want to build an elegant, graceful and classic European style, install European style pendant lamp. If you want to build modern style, install embedded ceiling light as basic lighting to make the ceiling smooth. install simple floor lamp with warm light source, displaying warm and atmosphere. Main lamp: Lighting to the whole sitting room. mainly use pendant lamp or ceiling lamp, or use ceiling light with fluorescent inside. Pendant light can be used in spring layer or compound apartment, stressing the decoration function. The height of our ordinary sitting room is 3m, use pendant light or ceiling light.but the height less than 2.5m, it is better use ceiling light to avoid pressure feeling. Video Wall: use ceiling light, downlight or fluorescent light on video wall to build Silhouette effect of video wall and ease eye discomfort and tireness. Sofa area: install a floor lamp or desk lamp to build warm atmosphere, Partial decoration: In the painting and sculpture decoration area,use spotlight as partial lighting, sense of space and artistic taste.

LED Lights recommended
1. 7W LED Downlight, 9W LED Downlight, 12W LED Downlight, 15W LED Downlight with Warm White 3000K
2. Flexible LED strips: 5050-60LED, 3528 60LED or 3528 120LED with warm white Color
3. LED spotlight: MR16 LED 4W, MR16 LED 5W MR16 LED 8W with warm white Color

Bedroom use ceiling light as accent lighting. mediate brightness to display private space and rich color rendering function. bed head use floor lamp or wall lamp as basic lighting or install a foot lamp beside footlocker or on the wall under 30cm. for night lighting, and avoid discomfort for sudden brightness. Dressing table:don't neglect the lighting to the dressing table in the bedroom. warm color temperature can reduce to skin color and satisfy the brightness needed for the makeup.

1. 7W LED Downlight, 9W LED Downlight, 12W LED Downlight, 15W LED Downlight with Nature white 4000K
2, 3W LED Bulb, 5W LED Bulb, 7W LED Bulb with Nature white 4000K Color temperature
3. Flexible LED strips: 5050-60LED, 3528 60LED or 3528 120LED with nature white Color
4. LED reading lamp, The selection of lighting devices not only consider brightness, but also the color and shape for decoration to make the study quiet, elegant, cultural environment for studying, thinking and creating. Recommend exquisite ceiling lamp to meet the overall brightness. Use low flash, soft color rendering, eye-protected LED lamp, LED ceiling light or spotlight hidden in the bookcase as the decoration effect.

Recommended our LED Lights
1. 7W LED Downlight, 9W LED Downlight, 12W LED Downlight, 15W LED Downlight with Nature white 4000K
2. 3W LED Bulb, 5W LED Bulb, 7W LED Bulb with Nature white 4000K Color temperature

Children's Room, Children born to be naughty and curious. They are sensitive to light. Comfortable, personal, creative lighting, children will feel ease, relaxed and happy. on the contrary, with simple, rough light, they may feel lonely, frightened and worried. the children may misunderstand the lighting envrionment, affecting their study, eyesight, sleep and health. Children's room are forbidden to use rough shadow, dazzling and bare light source. Ceiling light with soft and homogeneous light as basic light in children's room. One advantage is not easy to touch to avoid danger. According to common knowledge, children like to satre movable object on the ceiling, so a lovely childish light can help them fall fast asleep. Use tricolor, low flash fluorescent light as light source, for seperate desk, lamp with low flash, no radiation, no noise, good light color rendering can be chosen to protect children's eyes.

1. 3W LED Bulb, 5W LED Bulb, 7W LED Bulb with Warm white white 3000K Color temperature and high CRI
2. LED Panel lights 39W, LED Panel lights 48W

Kitchen and bathroom: The main feature in the kitchen and bathroom are: damp, much water gas.use bright and soft light without shadow and dazzling to make people feel clean and ease. Downlight or ceiling light can be used, matching with compact fluorescent light source to reach excellent color render, homogeneous lighting. All light devices should waterproof, dampproof, antifogging and anti corrosion. Recommended our LED Ceiling Light or 300X300mm LED Panel lights.